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Current Vacancies


About the Treasurer role:

We are looking for a treasurer to join our small group of Directors to support us with our financial management. We have a bookkeeper who maintains our financial records day to day.

Hours: 2 - 4 hours per week

Person Specification:

We are looking for someone with:

•    Knowledge of Charity or CIC finance, ideally with experience of being a treasurer for a charity or other not-for-profit.

•    An eagerness to be part of a team which supports marginalised communities.

Contact: for full job description

Social Media Coordinator

About the Social Media role:

We are looking for someone who can create a social media strategy, source and share content across Instagram. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook platforms and moderating activity within them, attending weekly meetings and liaising with Newsletter team.

Hours: 4-6 hours per week

For full job description please email:


Person specification:

We are looking for someone with:

  • Experience of Social Media management

  • An awareness of maternity issues within the UK 

  • An eagerness to advocate for the marginalised communities that Doulas Without Borders supports.

Working Agreement (applicable for all roles)

● You must be able to commit to 1 year of volunteering with Doulas Without Borders

● We ask that you remain in contact with us and keep us informed about any changes, problems or issues raised within your team

● We ask that if you think you might need to leave, you give us at least one month’s notice, in writing, to ​​ and please include any reasons if they might be helpful for our improvement

● We encourage you to consider spending your minimum one month’s notice considering with us anyone who might take your place, and should we find someone suitable together, that you work with us to hand over the role, your knowledge and experience.

Contact​ for any further questions.

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